Our Company

"Professional Idiots is not a conventional company and nor do we plan to become one. We are a group of open-minded, free-spirited, non-judging individuals who are not fans of the professional corporate environment whereby you have to hide who you truly are.

What we like to do is take risks in areas that others might think of as speculative or even strange. From the birth of Professional Idiots, we’ve strived to do more, and be better than any other site out there with the brands we create.  

Some said the ideas we have would never work, which seemed crazy at the time. Well, the first crazy idea we had now has over 300,000 registered users and we have no plans on stopping there. We are still moving forward, trying to do things that other people think are crazy but as you can see, we love crazy.

The name Professional Idiots was selected because we are the misfits, the idiot's people say that don’t like to play by corporate rules. We are just a creative bunch of people who are dedicated to working in an environment of like-minded individuals that don't judge, and who can come together to excel in our niche.


Some people see us as a red flag for their portfolio, but for others, they see us as being innovators, open-minded, entertaining, resourceful, and full of vibrance and flavor. 

We get tons of applications each week as people want to work for us just because of the environment we created and how free-spirited we are. We just hope you can see us as others can, and if not, it’s your loss, but we will no change who we are."

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