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Our Company

"Professional Idiots isn't a conventional company, and nor do we plan to become one. We're a group of open-minded, free-spirited, non-judging individuals who don't care for the professional corporate environment whereby you have to hide who you truly are.

What we like to do is take risks in areas others might consider speculative or even strange. We strive to do more with the brands we create and be better than any other site that might compete with us.  

Some said the ideas we have would never work. Well, the first crazy idea we had now has over 400,000 registered users, and we have no plans on slowing down. We’re still moving forward and doing things other people think are crazy. Oh well…we love crazy.

The name Professional Idiots was selected because we are the misfits, the idiots people say don’t like to play by corporate rules. We’re a creative group of people dedicated to working in an environment of like-minded individuals who don't judge and who unite to excel in our niche.


Some people see us as a red flag for their portfolio while others see us as innovators, open-minded, entertaining, and resourceful. 

We get tons of applications each week from people who want to work for us because they appreciate our free-spirited environment. We hope you can see us as they do, but it’s okay if not. We all need to stay true to our calling.

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