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Site Moderator


At Professional Idiots we are seeking an open-minded, moderator to join our team and help us iteratively improve our user experience to better support the community.

At Professional Idiots, you will be responsible for

  • Reviewing ads posted by members on the site daily and remove ads that violate our terms

  • Responding to open tickets from members who are in need of help

  • Join team chats to keep up with new features for the site and relate that to members as needed

  • Troubleshooting and reporting bugs to the team

  • Escalating cases by initiating our case reviews process

  • Participating in the interview process for potential new members of the team

You should have experience

  • Member of our community for 3+ months

  • Strong familiarity with our site and how the site works

Bonus if you have experience

  • Working as a moderator in the past

To be successful at Professional Idiots, you need to be

  • Independent but also a team player

  • Self-motivated and have strong organizational skills

  • Vocal about your opinions but not married to them

  • Driven to learn and self-improve

  • A strong written communicator

At Professional Idiots we

  • Are 50% remote, work from multiple time zones

  • Use GitHub, Trello, Basecamp, Slack, and Sneek to collaborate

  • Are community-driven and work both hard and smart

Why work at Professional Idiots

  • Have your work impact hundreds of thousands of people

  • Work from anywhere in the world with a great group of people

  • Competitive compensation

More about Professional Idiots

  • One of the fastest growing online networks this side of the milky way

  • We focus on doing the right thing and not hockey stick-shaped charts

  • Have over 150,000 members… and growing

  • Grew 100% by word-of-mouth

  • Serve over six million requests a month​

How to apply

Send an email to In the email, please include:

  • Tell us about 2-3 of your favorite projects you worked on 

  • Link to your LinkedIn profile -or- a PDF copy of your resume

  • If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to email us

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