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Advertising on Kinkyads

Since our launch in May of 2018, our flagship site has become one of the fastest-growing communities online today with just under 300,000+ members and growing each day. It seems, the community at large has embraced our networking site, and woven into the fabric of local communities, groups, munches, etc. 

So why advertise with us? Because your ad on our network will reach over one hundred thousand people and your ads will be viewed millions of times each month.

We are growing by over 15,000+ people every month, so your ad will consistently reach new people.

Whether you're an international company, a regional event, or a mom-and-pop shop, we can offer the most effective way to market your business.


How much does it cost to advertise?
Pop Under (1 spot only) - taken
 $800 (1 month) / $2,200 (3 months) / $4,400 (6 months)

The pops are fired from our home page. Every time someone comes to the Kinkyads home page, your pop ad will trigger. 

Whether it's a first-time visitor or a member of the site, your ad gets triggered.

Header Banner (1 spot only)
 $600 (1 month) / $1,600 (3 months) / $3,200 (6 months)

The header banner is shown on 90% of our pages. Every time someone views an image, profile, or ad, they will see your banner on top of the page.

 Footer Banner (1 spot only)
 $400 (1 month) / $1,000 (3 months) / $2,000 (6 months)

The footer banner is just like the header banner but shown on the bottom of the same pages as the header.


Every time someone views an image, profile, or ad, they will see your banner at the bottom of the page.

Side Banner (3 spots only)
 $200 (1 month) / $550 (3 months) / $1,100 (6 months)

Side banners are shown on all ads on the site.  These image banners draw attention to themself as there is nothing else on the side of the pages.  


Our ad pages are the most visited pages on Kinkyads and are the 2nd best ad spot next to the Header.

Ad Text Links (3 spots only)
 $200 (1 month) / $550 (3 months) / $1,100 (6 months)
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Text links are just that.  Links show up only on the ad pages in the category you select.  For example, if your ad is for a gay site, you will want to run it under M4M.


This text ad will run in every city across the Kinkyads network in the M4M section at top of the page.

Got questions or ready to get started? 

Email us at to secure your ad space today!